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Immediate & Permanent
Odor Elimination Technology Is Here!


  1. PTUM ODOR FREE removes all three components of odor.
  2. PTUM ODOR FREE immediately captures and destroys odor molecules. Second it then attacks and destroys the odor causing bacteria's food source: the biological excretion. Third eliminating the biological excretion, the natural result is the odor causing bacteria, now with-out food, starve to death. Consequently, no more odor molecules are produced.
  3. PTUM ODOR FREE has eliminated such odors as urine, feces, vomit, perspiration, garbage and even skunk!
  4. PTUM ODOR FREE permanently eliminates any biological or organic odor.
  5. PTUM ODOR FREE permanently eliminates odor in seconds not hours or days.
  6. PTUM ODOR FREE contains no alcohols or solvents (found in most other odor eliminator products like Febreze, ZeroOdor and Urine Gone) which are potentially dangerous.
  7. PTUM ODOR FREE is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly and very safe to use.
  8. PTUM ODOR FREE is safe to use directly onto a vehicle's upholstery.
  9. PTUM ODOR FREE is safe to use on any colorfast material or fabric.
  10. PTUM ODOR FREE is backed by our 100% guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied we will not charge you.


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